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Roundabout FeSi Distributed in Asian Market Recovers in Jul-Sept
= Products via routes other than Vietnam increase sharply =
It has turned out that Chinese low-priced ferro-silicon (roundabout products) via a third country like Vietnam has been still distributed much in the Asian ferroalloy market in the period from January to September in 2014, and reached a level of being about 1.3 times as much as what china exported via a regular route.

As to comparison among quarters, in the period from April to June, as the transportation via Vietnam became difficult due to deteriorated relations between China and Vietnam, the quantity distributed was reduced temporarily and the quantity of roundabout products was less than the products regularly exported. However, the products which were exported from mainland China without a regular procedure increased sharply in the period from July to September, and again exceeded the quantity of regularly-exported ones.

In the period from July to September, the ratio of roundabout products in the import of ferro-silicon (Si > 55%) in the respective countries was 25.9% in Japan, 47.4% in South Korea and 66.2% in Taiwan.

This was because Japan and South Korea imported products many times via routes other than Vietnam as aforementioned. The Government of China put a lot of effort into detection of illegal export in the period from August to September, and in fact several groups were detected, which however was understood to be not enough to reduce the quantity distributed.

In Taiwan, the impact from the fact China Steel Corporation as the biggest customer in this country expressed its intention to import only regularly-exported products was big, and the ratio of regularly-exported products was 2.8% in the period from January to March, whereas it went up sharply to 7.6% in the period from April to June and to 30.6% in the period from July to September.

The difference between import volumes of ferro-silicon by respective countries in Asia including Japan and the export volume by China is as shown in Table 1. The share and quantity of roundabout products calculated based on the trade statistics of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are as shown in Table 2. For a reference, the imported quantities and shares by source in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are as shown in Tables 3, 4 & 5. The method other than via Vietnam was explained in our article dated October 23 of "Ever-present Unjust Problems on Chinese Ferro-silicon".
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