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Japan's Annual LNG Imports in FY2015 to Drop YoY: IEEJ
= For the first time since the Great East Japan Earthquake =
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ) released its Outlook of Japan's Energy Demand/Supply for FY2015 on December 18, in which it forecasted that, in FY2015, Japan's LNG imports would be less than those in the preceding fiscal year, i.e. 85 million tonnes in FY2015 vs. 88.70 million tonnes in FY2014, a year-on-year drop for the first time since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The forecast was based on the most likely assumption that nine nuclear power plants would resume one by one during FY2015 towards the end the fiscal year (= the end of March 2016).

The IEEJ's outlook says that sales volume of gas in FY2015 will be 41.09 billion m3, up 2.4% from 40.14 billion m3 estimated for FY2014, based on the forecasted firm increase in demand from the industrial sector. So, gas distributors will most likely increase imports of LNG, on the other hand, power generators will reduce LNG imports on the above-assumed resumption of nuclear power plants.

The average unit price of LNG imported in FY2014 is estimated US$759/tonne, down 9.4% (or by US$78/tonne) year on year and the price for FY2015 will be, the outlook forecasts, even lower at US$508/tonne.

In case that twenty, not nine, nuclear power plants resume during FY2015, IEEJ calculates that Japan's LNG imports during the fiscal year will further drop to 81 million tonnes, while in case only two plants resume, the LNG imports will be about 89.60 million tonnes, a record-high.
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