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Brazil's November Pig Iron Exports Total 136,000 Tons
Brazil's pig iron exports totaled 136,000 tons in November 2014, down 41.6% from the same month of a year ago, when they decreased by 61.1% from a month ago, indicating a low level for the first time in six months, according to Brazilian trade statistics made available in Tokyo.

Of the total, Italy took the largest quantity of 48,000 tons, up 207.2% from the same month of a year ago; the USA the second largest of 38,000 tons, down 79.5%; and Spain the third largest of 18,000 tons (no purchases in November 2013).

In January-November 2014, Brazilian pig iron exports totaled 2,217,000 tons, down 6.8% from the same period of 2013, averaging 202,000 tpm, when the cumulative exports translated into an annualized 2,420,000 tons.

Of the total, the USA took the largest amount of 1,574,000 tons or 67.9%, down 2.5%; the Netherlands the second largest of 156,000 tons, up 20.6%; Taiwan the third largest of 124,000 tons, down 37.7%; and Italy the fourth largest of 99,000 tons, up 21.7%.

In the breakdown of the cumulative exports by state, Minas Gerais ranked first at 864,000 tons, up 8.1%; Maranhao second at 819,000 tons, down 22.2%; and Para third at 401,000 tons, down 14.3%.
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