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Taiwan's October Scrap Imports Total 332,000 Tons
Taiwan's ferrous scrap imports totaled 332,000 tons in October 2014, down 18.0% from the same month of a year ago, when they increased by 0.8% from a month ago, an increase for two consecutive months, according to Taiwanese trade statistics made available in Tokyo.

Of the total, the USA supplied the largest quantity of 152,000 tons or 54.1%, down 35.1% from the same month of a year ago; Japan the second largest of 65,000 tons, up 262.1%; the Philippines the third largest of 24,000 tons, up 348.7%; and Hong Kong the fourth largest of 23,000 tons, up 116.3%.

In January-October 2014, Taiwan's ferrous scrap imports totaled 3,509,000 tons, down 7.0% from the same period of 2013, averaging 350,000 tpm, when the cumulative imports translated into an annualized 4,210,000 tons. Of the total, the USA provided the largest amount of 1,944,000 tons or 55.4%, down 17.6%; Japan the second largest of 376,000 tons or 10.7%, up 24.3%; Hong Kong the third largest of 191,000 tons or 5.4%, up 7.5%; and the Philippines the fourth largest of 143,000 tons or 4.1%, up 77.7%. As a result, the top four sources together accounted for 75.6% of the total.

In the breakdown of the cumulative imports by customs port, Kaohsiung ranked first at 1,859,000 tons, down 16.0%; Taichung second at 1,091,000 tons, up 5.5%; and Keelung third at 558,000 tons, up 6.6%.
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