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Kansai Tetsugen Sells No2 HMS for Export at Y22,180 FAS
Japan's Osaka-based Kansai Tetsugen federation of ferrous scrap dealers has sold 5,000 tons of No2 HMS to the successful bidder Econecol Inc at Y22,180/ton FAS Osaka Bay in the 47th joint export tender the federation held Feb 16. The recycling company is supposed to get its purchased cargo shiploaded in the Osaka Bay area for a period of April 1-30.

A total of seven buyers responded with separate FAS bids to Kansai Tetsugen's export tender this time. The highest bid stood at Y22,180/ton, the second highest at Y22,100/ton, and the third highest at Y21,000/ton, with the lowest bid at Y20,000/ton.

The winning FAS bid of Y22,180/ton for No2 HMS was lower by Y3,120 than the corresponding bid in Kansai Tetsugen's 46th export tender that took place Jan 14. It was also lower by Y820 than the winning FAS bid for No2 HMS in the export tender held Feb 10 by the Tokyo-based Kanto Tetsugen cooperative association of ferrous scrap dealers.
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