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U.S. Mo Import & Export Balance during January to April 2015
= When compared with year-earlier period, export is down and import is up =
According to the calculation to figure out volumes of molybdenum import and export in pure Mo equivalent based on foreign trade statistics of United States Department of Commerce, the export volume during January to April in 2015 was 16.19 million lbs, down by 11.5% from 18.29 million lbs of the year-earlier period.

On the one hand, the import volume was 13.07 million lbs, up by 18.6% from 11.01 million lbs of the year-earlier period.

As aforementioned, the export was down from the year-earlier period, but shows a slightly increasing trend on a single month basis when compared with the trend in the beginning of the year. By contraries, the import shows a declining trend on a single month basis.

The import and export volumes of various types of molybdenum product are as shown in Table 1 and the same in terms of pure Mo equivalent on a single month basis in Table 2.
data image
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