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China's Steel Market in 3rd Week of Jun/Range of Fall in Prices Expands
In the Chinese market of steel products in the 3rd week (15th-19th) of June, prices of all items did not cease to fall, and rather the range of a fall in prices expanded.

According to data released by the China Iron & Steel Association, in the 3rd week, its national average price of steel wire rods dropped by 42 CNY (a little less than $7). As its range of a fall in price was 31 CNY in the previous week, its range of a price fall expanded by 10 CNY. Its price was 2,340 CNY ($377, including tax, hereinafter the same). That of steel heavy and medium plates also fell by 61 CNY (a little less than $10) to 2,342 CNY ($378) which became similar to that of wire rods.

Price of hot-rolled steel coils also continued to fall. That fell by $53 (a little less than $9) to 2,463 CNY ($397). That of cold-rolled steel sheets did by 34 CNY ($5) to 3,056 CNY ($493). That of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets also did by 42 CNY (a little less than $7) to 3,589 CNY ($579). There is no aspect to cease a fall in prices for the time being. There is a feel for prices to continue to fall during this month as well. By the continuation of a fall in prices of the Chinese market, the market prices of steel products in the other Asian region have been dragged down.
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