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Ni SUS Scrap Purchase Price in July Starts with JPY138,000 - JPY148,000
= Due to cheap LME nickel price, and purchase price abroad also is down =
The price for July purchase of nickel-containing stainless steel scrap (SABOT) by stainless steel mills in the Kanto area starts with JPY138,000 - JPY148,000 per ton (delivered at factory) which is down by JPY5,000 - JPY10,000 from June purchase price. The stainless steel mills have continued to lower its purchase price against a background of LME nickel price falling in the end of June, but there has been a difference in the range of price cut among the mills (Hereinafter, the price is per ton).

LME nickel price showed a temporary rise on June 10, but dropped back immediately and dipped below US$12,000 for cash seller owing to Greece crisis in the end of the month. In addition to this, major electric furnace mills which purchased stainless steel scraps energetically to meet its full production during May to June reduced July purchase quantity, and lowered the purchase price, which made an impact to the decrease in the price of stainless steel scraps.

However, the generation of SABOT in the domestic market is low, and there is a possibility that the shortage of spot goods may prop up the price.

On the one hand, the export price has been hovering at a slightly high level owing to the decrease in collected materials. South Korea and Taiwan are wishing to have a CIF price of US$1,200 - US$1,250 for the reason of cheap LME nickel price, whereas Japanese export traders are offering around US$1,400, and therefore no agreement seems to be made at the present moment.
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