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Contract Price of LC FeCr in Jul-Sept US Cents 207 - 209
= Price remains unchanged from prior period due to demand and Supply being balanced =
The price of low-carbon ferro-chrome for the period during July to September in 2015 Japanese stainless steel mills negotiated with overseas ferroalloy producers has been settled at US Cents 207 - 209 per lb. The price for the period during April to June was also US Cents 207- 209, which represents the price remains unchanged from the prior period.

In Japan, while the demand for special steel in the period from July to September is anticipated to be up from the prior period and the consumption of low-carbon ferro-chrome is expected to be up, there is such information regarding the producers' stock in the market as (1) Domestic low-carbon ferro-chrome producers have an ample stock and (2) The producer in South Africa that shut down the plant this January has a stock of products covering the needs until next June, and the situation of being no worry about supply made the price maintained in the same price range as the prior period.
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