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Sumitomo Metal Mining's Ni Production and Sales Volumes in Apr-Jun
= Production volume is 20,780 tons, up by 16% from year-earlier period =
On August 7, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. announced its consolidated business results in the period from April to June in 2015.

According to this announcement, the production volume of nickel (in pure Ni equivalent) in the period from April to June is reported to be 20,780 tons (Electrolytic Nickel: 15,358 tons, Ferronickel: 5,422 tons), up by 16.4% from 17,846 tons (Electrolytic Nickel: 13,187 tons, Ferronickel: 4,659 tons) in the year-earlier period.

Such reason for the increased production is provided as the increased production volume at its subsidiary, Taganito HPAL Nickel.

Besides, the sales volume of nickel was 21,194 tons, up by 19.4% from 17,745 tons in the year-earlier period.

For a reference, the production at Sierra Gorda copper mine, a joint venture of 3 companies such as Sumitomo Metal Mining, Sumitomo Corporation and KGHM, Poland reached a commercial production level in the end of June. The average annual production volume (in pure element equivalent) at this mine is estimated to be 220,000 tons of copper, 11,000 tons of molybdenum and 2 tons of gold.
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