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EMM Price in China Hovers at Bottom Price Level
= Price hovers at level of lower quotation of CNY9,900/ton for 3 weeks =
The main price of electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) in the Chinese domestic market as of September 10 is CNY9,900 - CNY10,000 per ton, which has hovered at this level for 3 weeks since late July.

This is because this price is a resistance line to the producers, and market participants that consider this price to be a rock-bottom price have become more than before. However, as some of the producers that are energetic in selling even under a weak demand situation are understood to be selling at a lower price than a market price, it can't be stated positively that the price hit the bottom.

There are many anticipations about when the price will make a recovery from this cheap price level, and such opinions about timings for price recovery are dominant as the timings being after Victory over Japan Day (September 3) and after Chinese National Holiday (1st to 7th of October). Especially, as the latter is when and after the application of the cheap electricity rate for a full-water season is over, the expectation for general price rise owing to the increase in the production cost is also included.
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