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Ni SUS Scrap Purchase Price in Sept Starts with JPY125,000 - 130,000
= Down by JPY13,000 - 18,000 from early last month due to continuous drop in LME Ni price =
The purchase price for nickel-containing stainless steel scrap (SABOT) by the stainless steel mills in the Kanto area started with JPY125,000 - JPY130,000 per ton (delivered at factory), down by JPY13,000 - JPY18,000 from early August.

The stainless steel mills' purchase price continued to drop in July and August, which was mainly due to the decrease in stainless steel mills' consumption and the continuous drop in LME nickel price. (Hereinafter, the price is per ton.)

This time, many of the stainless steel mills announced on August 31 and September 1 that they will lower their purchase price by JPY10,000. However, no small number of people are questioning whether this price cut can be accepted under such present situation as the generation of SABOT is down. As a matter of fact, several stainless steel mills in the Kanto area have offered a purchase price higher than JPY130,000.

What's more, there has recently been a case that the stainless steel mills which offered a price cut by JPY15,000 in late July and a price cut by JPY10,000 in mid-August reoffered a price with a reduced price cut due to the aggravated cargo sales to the mills.

For a reference, the cargo collection for export also has a difficulty due to decreased generation of SABOT, and the pickup price as of September 1 is offered at a slightly higher price of JPY130,000 - JPY135,000. The FOB price for export is somewhere between US$1,120 and US$1,130, which makes it possible to earn a small profit based on the present exchange rate. However, the pickup price for export also may have to be lowered in the future depending on the purchase price by South Korea and Taiwan.
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