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September Production Volume from Ambatovy Nickel Project
= Ni production is down by 14% from prior month, and product passes examination by LME =
Sherritt International Corporation, Canada reported its September production volume from Ambatovy Nickel Project in Madagascar on October 6.

According to this, the production volume of nickel was 4,055 tons (in pure element equivalent and based on a 100% interest) which accounted for 82% of the rated production capacity. This reflects a decrease of 14.3% from 4,732 tons in the prior month. Besides, the ore volume processed at the pressure acid leach (PAL) was 382,901 tons per month which accounted for 79% of the rated capacity.

Besides, the production volume in the period from July to September was 13,022 tons, grossly up by 25.3% from 10,394 tons in the prior quarter (April - June). This was because the production in the period from April to June was down due to the strike at plant, the breakdown of transformer for high voltage, the trouble about 2 ore thickeners and so on in addition to increased production volume owing to ramp-up by electric furnace.

On the other hand, the production volume of cobalt was 325 tons (in pure element equivalent and based on a 100% interest), which reflects a decrease of 3.3% from 336 tons in the prior month.

At the plant, the maintenance work on 3 PAL autoclaves (3 out of a total of 5 units) is scheduled to take place for 3 consecutive months from September, and now the maintenance work is taking place for the second unit.

For a reference, this time's production report includes that nickel briquette as Ambatovy's product passed the examination by LME on September 29.
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