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Market Trend of Import of Ferroalloy as of 15 December 2015
= Price downward pressure on FeSi and SiMn gets stronger =
The market trend of import of ferroalloy as of 15 December 2015 is as follows.

For a reference, the market trend at the end of the month will be posted on our report dated December 28 as the market trend on December 25.

<> Silicon Metal = The price of silicon metal stopped declining, which is due to the increased producers' cost attributed to a rise in the electricity rate in the southern region as a main production area and the decrease in the sale at a cheap price. However, the drop in the electricity rate in Inner Mongolia and the resulting resumption of operation are reported, which leads to the anticipation of a price fall beginning to come up to the surface in the Chinese domestic market. Albeit the production volume of silicon metal in Inner Mongolia was not much like the actual result in 2014 ranked 10th in the country, there is a story that many producers converted its product from ferroalloy and carbide in the former half of this year.

The price of spot goods in Japan rose due to adjustment on the cheap price and yen appreciation, and was up by US$20 - US$30 per ton. However, the thin trading continues because of reactions to price hike and decreased in-hand inventory toward the end of December.

<> Ferro-silicon = In China, it is reported the shutdown by small and medium-sized producers has been prevailing, and although the production volume in the entire country shows a declining trend, the orders from the customers have been concentrated on the major producers which continue operation, and such phenomena are seen as the production increases in some areas. As there is a price downward pressure in the domestic market where the feeling of oversupply can't be eliminated and the customers abroad strengthen the price downward pressure, which leads to a current movement of tapering down.

In the Japanese domestic market, the customers' buying motivation is weak because of the inventory adjustment toward the end of December, and steel mills' long-term contract price for the period from January to March in 2016 has been fixed at the price being down from the prior period, which also becomes a price downward pressure in the spot market.

As to the regularly-exported Chinese products, both offer and contract prices are down by around US$20 per ton. The price of the products distributed in the market is also down to some extent in response to a downward pressure.

As to Russian products, the price turned to a declining trend from remaining flat, and both offer and contract prices are down by US$30 from the end of November due to a price downward pressure in the Japanese domestic market.

<> Silico Manganese = It is not yet in sight when the feeling of oversupply in the Asian market will be improved. This is because the production curtailment doesn't move ahead in terms of supply and the consumption is weak due to the decreased steel production in terms of demand. Under these situations, the producers in India accepted a small range of price cut against a background of ongoing weak rupee, and both offer and contract prices were down by around US$10 - US$20 per ton.

The price in China dropped at once since entering December. The price of the products in the northwestern region is down by CNY350 - CNY400 per ton from the end of November. This is because the significant drop in the price of imported manganese ore and the reduced electricity rate in Inner Mongolia are recognized as a room for price cut and many of the producers also accepted a demand for price cut. The offer price meant for Japan was down by US$50 - US$60 along with the price cut in the Chinese domestic market, but no deal was clinched.

For a reference, as to the imposition of the antidumping duty on Indian silico manganese in the U.S., the announcement of final decision is delayed, and there has been no big movement in the situation up until now.

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