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EMM Price in China Rises Slightly
= Main price is CNY9,100 - CNY9,200, and producers in southern area are reluctant to sell at cheap price =
The main price of electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) in the Chinese domestic market as of December 21 is CNY9,100 - CNY9,200 per ton, up by CNY100 - CNY200 from the end of November. (Hereinafter, the price is per ton)

The price in the Chinese domestic market has continued to hover at a bottom price of CNY8,800 - CNY9,000 for a long time, but has continued to move to rise slightly by CNY50 - CNY100 for 10 days since entering December. This is because, in addition to the lowered producer's operating rate due to the prolonged slumping price, it becomes a factor for price hike that the production cost has risen as the application of a comparatively high electricity rate for a low-water season started in the southern region.

On the other hand, there are such factors for price cut as the prices of both domestic and imported manganese ores have fallen and the demands are down at home and abroad, which leads to a difficult situation for the price to be raised.

As to the future trends in the price, the market participants see the price upward trend with a slight range as it is or the one remaining at the same level will continue before the year is out and there is a possibility that the price will come down once the new year comes due to realization sales before the long holidays of Chinese New Year (7th to 13th of February).
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