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JPY120,000 as Ni SUS Scrap Purchase Price Prevails in Late December
= Ni price continues to be tapering down and is forecast to continue declining due to matter of Cr after turn of year =
The purchase price of JPY120,000 per ton for nickel-containing stainless steel scrap (SABOT) is prevailing in the Kanto area in late December, and is down by JPY0 - JPY5,000 from the beginning of December. (Hereinafter, the price is per ton)

At the beginning of December, many of stainless steel mills in the Kanto area lowered their purchase price to JPY120,000 for the reason of a drop in LME nickel price. At that time, no small number of mills left the price unchanged at JPY125,000 so as to put a priority on the procurement of spot goods, but as the export traders lowered their purchase price by JPY5,000 since entering the latter half of December, the price of JPY120,000 has become prevailed.

Besides, some traders have already offered a price cut by JPY2,000 - JPY3,000 toward next year.

At the present moment, what the market participants are concerned with is the benchmark price of South African charge chrome meant for Europe for the period from January to March in 2016 being fixed at being down by US Cents 12 per lb from the prior period and the progress in the price negotiation meant for Japan. Supposing the contract price of high-carbon ferro-chrome meant for Japan is also reduced by US Cents 12, it will become a big price cut factor for the purchase of stainless steel scraps, but it is quite obvious that it will become difficult to secure the quantity of SABOT if the purchaser price is easily reduced, which in turn makes the persons in charge of purchase in the stainless steel mills annoyed.
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