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Ni SUS Scrap Purchase Price in Last Half of January Below JPY110,000
= Down by JPY5,000 due to weak Ni price, and price is same in both Kansai and Chubu =
The purchase price of nickel-containing stainless steel scrap (SABOT) by stainless steel mills in the Kanto in the latter half of January is below JPY110,000 per ton (delivered at factory), down by JPY5,000 from the former half of January. (Hereinafter, the price is per ton)

Albeit the generated amount of SABOT among stainless steel scraps is still small and the distributed amount of spot goods is smaller than usual, the price of below JPY110,000 has prevailed in not only the Kanto but also the Kansai and Chubu for such reasons as (1) Actual volume of stainless steel scraps consumed by stainless steel mills is by no means many, (2) LME nickel price continues to show a tapering down trend, (3) Contract price of high-carbon ferro-chrome in the period from January to March will be reduced without fail and (4) Export traders lowered a cargo pickup price due to appreciation of Japanese yen.

For a reference, the explosion accident occurred at No. 2 hot rolling line for bar and wire at Chita Works of Aichi Steel Corporation on January 8, and the restart of operation is not yet in sight, but the Company submitted the purchase price of stainless steel scrap at almost same level as other companies.
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