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Production Plan for Special Steel Products in Jan-Mar 4.751 Mil. Tons
= Up from prior period, but continues to be down from year-earlier period =
On February 3, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry made clear the production plan for hot-rolled special steel products in the period from January to March in 2016.

According to this, the production plan for special steel products in the period from January to March is 4.751 million tons, the breakdown of which is 3.2134 million tons being meant for domestic consumption and 1.5376 tons being meant for international export. This represents an increase of 4.9% versus the expected result (4.5311 million tons) in the prior period, but is a low level production reflecting a decrease of 2.1% from the year-earlier period (4.8531 million tons), and such a situation continues as being down from the year-earlier period.

Albeit the production in the period from January to March will be up from the prior period owing to a seasonal factor which is as has happened in the past, this is a result of the production curtailment by respective special steel mills due to weak demands for domestic consumption as well as international export.

This is because the demand for ordinary vehicles and construction machineries in the domestic market is weak and the demand for Japanese steel products in the international export market is weak by losing ground to Chinese cheap steel products in Southeast Asia although yen is weak.

For a reference, this production plan is based on the accumulated data obtained from respective special steel mills at the hearing by the end of 2015, but no impact stemming from the explosion accident which occurred at China Works of Aichi Steel Corporation is added.

The details by steel type are as shown in the table below.
data image
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