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Negotiations on CR Austenitic Stainless Sheets in Asia after Holiday Calm
According to a source, negotiations on cold-rolled (CR) austenitic stainless steel sheets in the Asian region are in a state to be calm even after the Chinese New Year holiday. Inquiries were sent to the Japanese mills as well before the holiday possibly because customers considered bottoming out in prices. However, during the holiday, at the moment when the nickel price dipped below $3.50 per pound to $3.49 (February 11-12), customers have entered again a wait-and-see attitude.

The source is observing that until domestic prices of Korea's POSCO and Taiwanese mills are all present for March shipment at the end of February, there will be no movement. As there are no negotiations, central prices are unknown but that source is seeing to be around $1,650 CFR.

Prices of ordinary steel products are rising. For this reason, the Japanese stainless steel mills like to raise their prices in some way. However, as there is no demand, they will be difficult to create such environment. The mills are seeing that there is a possibility for customers to request a decrease in prices again during waiting and seeing.

Meantime, the Japanese stainless steel mills are saying that they are unable to cut their prices any more as the range of a fall in prices of products is larger than that of raw materials, and they aim for contracts at prices of levelling off in negotiations for April shipment. The Japanese mills are observing that Korean and Taiwanese mills may leave their domestic prices unchanged for March shipment being announced at the end of this month.
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