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U.S. Excelerate Energy Expands Sendout Capacity of FSRU in Dubai
=Reached unprecedented milestone of 1.0 bcf/d=
A sendout capacity of the floating storage regasification unit ('FSRU) was expanded at the LNG Import Terminal in the Jebel Ali port, Dubai. Texas-based gas shipping company Excelerate Energy announced on March 15th (local time in the U.S.) that it confirmed its newly upgraded FSRU reached a sendout capacity of 1.0 billion cubic feet per day through performance testing recently completed.

Excelerate Energy's 151,000 cubic meters FSRU "Explorer" has been operational at the Jebel Ali LNG Import Terminal. The Company placed the FSRU into service in April 2015 based on the charter contract with Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP) and had worked on expansion of capacity of the unit since October 2015 in accordance with the request of DUSUP

After the expansion work is completed, the regasification sendout capacity increased from 690 million cf/d to the world's largest 1 billion cf/d. Also, the world's first LNG bunker port was installed in the FSRU.

In 2010, DUSUP chartered a FSRU "Golar Freeze" with tank capacity of 125,000 cubic meters from Norway's Golar LNG and started importing LNG, which is regasified and had been used as fuel to generate power. However, to cope with further growing demand, it decided to replace the Golar's FSRU with a larger one and concluded a charter agreement with Excelerate Energy in 2014.

However, Golar LNG made a comment at that time that the new contract with Excelerate would not give any influences over the existing contract with Golar. It also explained in the financial results released last month that "Golar Freeze" would be put into operation for the contract with DUSUP until around 2020.
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