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Sumitomo Metal Mining's FY2016 Plan for Nickel Production
= Production of Fe-Ni decreases to 14,200 tons, whereas production of electrolytic Ni increases to 65,100 tons =
According to the summary of the plan for metal production Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. released on April 1, the Company's production volume of ferro-nickel (in pure Ni equivalent) planned for the fiscal year 2016 (April 2016 - March 2017) is 14,200 tons (7,400 tons in the former half and 6,800 tons in the latter half). When compared with the planned volume for the prior fiscal year (20,000 tons), this represents a decrease of 29.0%.

The Company is scheduled to have a repair work for 1 line out of 2 lines of the kiln the Company has at its Huga smelting plant for 7 days during September and for 37 days during January to February and for another kiln for 7 days in September and 14 days during January to February, and the operation of the electric furnace will be shifted to the best production system of 2 kilns and 1 electric furnace under the current circumstance for procurement of raw materials.

Besides, the production volume (in pure Ni equivalent) of electrolytic nickel planned for FY2016 is 65,100 tons (32,500 tons in the former half and 32,600 tons in the latter half), which represents an increase of 2.0% versus the prior year (63,800 tons). The full-scale operation is scheduled to take place also in this year as is the case in the prior year.
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