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South32's Production Volumes of Mn and Ni in Oct-Dec 2016
= Production of manganese ore is 1.253 million tons, and production of nickel is 9,000 tons =
According to the production and sales results in the 2nd quarter of 2017 (from October 1 to December 31 in 2016) announced by South32 on January 19, the production volumes in this period were <> Manganese ore: 1.253 million tons (up by 38% from the year-earlier period), <> Manganese-containing ferroalloy: 56,000 tons (down by 15% ditto) and <> Nickel: 9,000 tons (up by 2% ditto).

As to manganese ore, the production by GEMCO in Australia was down from the prior period, but the production at PCO2 Circuit was ramped up and propped up the production. The Company leaves the annual production goal in Australia unchanged from 3.1 million tons. On the one hand, at Wessels mine in South Africa, albeit trucking was needed for the export, the production was strong. The Wessels Central Block Project as an optimizing project for the annual production volume of 2.9 million tons (based on a 100% interest) is now going on and is scheduled for completion in the period from January to March.

As to manganese-containing ferroalloy, the production was slightly down due to the malfunctioning furnace in Australia. The regular maintenance is slated for completion in the period from January to March in 2017, and thereafter a full-scale operation based on all four electric furnaces is expected to take place. On the one hand, the production at Metalloys in South Africa was drastically down because the electric furnace was malfunctioning and the death accident happened in November. At the moment, only one out of 4 electric furnaces is being operated.

As to nickel, the production is taking place at Cerro Matoso mine in Colombia, and the high-level production was maintained by plant optimization and the record-setting high recovery rate. The annual production goal is left unchanged from 36,000 tons.

On the one hand, the sales volumes were <> Manganese ore: 1.254 million tons (up by 14% from the year-earlier period), <> Manganese-containing ferroalloy: 48,000 tons (down by 24% ditto) and <> Nickel: 9,400 tons (up by 7% ditto). The price of manganese ore shows an upward trend, and especially the sales volume of South African ore went up.

The production volumes by business item and division are as shown in Table 1 and the sales volume in Table 2 respectively.
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