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Malaysia's Export of Ferroalloys in October 2016
Malaysia's export volumes of ferroalloys in October 2016 are as shown in the table below.

Now, such three companies have been operating a ferroalloy plant in the Samalaju Industrial Park in Sarawak, Malaysia as OM Sarawak, Pertama Ferroalloys and Sakura Ferroalloys, of which OM Sarawak shipped ferro-silicon (Si>55%), Pertama Ferroalloys ferro-silicon (Si>55%) and Sakura Ferroalloys high-carbon ferro-manganese as of October 2016.

OM Sarawak reported a first tapping for silico manganese in December 2016, and shipping products from this company is anticipated to start in 2017.

In October, it was recorded that 4,351 tons of high-carbon ferro-manganese was exported, the breakdown of which was 2,870 tons to Taiwan, 1,260 tons to India, 200 tons to Indonesia and 20 tons to Uruguay.

Besides, the destination-wise breakdown of 1,871 tons of the export volume of silico manganese was 966 tons to Japan, 500 tons to Thailand and 405 tons to China.

As to ferro-silicon (Si>55%), the destination-wise data is posted on our article of "Malaysia's Export of FeSi in October 13,898 Tons".
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