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Freeport's Mo Production in 2016 Is 80 Million LBS
= Down by 13% from prior year, and sales volume is 74 million lbs, down by 17% ditto =
On January 25, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX), a gold mining company in the U.S. announced its production and sales volumes in the full year 2016 (January - December) and also in the period from October to December.

This announcement shows the production volume of molybdenum concentrates (in pure Mo equivalent) in the full year 2016 was 26 million lbs at primary mines and 54 million lbs at by-product mines, which totalled 80 million lbs, down by 13.0% from the prior year. The average Mo content at primary mines was 0.21%, up from 0.20% in the prior year, but the ore volume processed per day decreased six out of ten, which led to the molybdenum production being down. On the one hand, the production volume of molybdenum at by-product mines (North and South America) was up because the ore volume processed in South America was drastically up.

The sales volume except the portion procured from outside was 74 million lbs, down by 16.9% from the prior year.

The Company's primary mines are Henderson mine and Climax mine, both of which are located in Colorado, USA. By-product mines are 4 mines in North America such as Sierrita mine, Bagdad mine, Morenci mine and Chino mine, and the by-product mine in South America is Cerro Verde mine.

For reference, the Company anticipates the sales volumes of molybdenum in the full year 2017 and in the period from January to March to be 92 million lbs (up by 24.3% from the prior year) and 23 million lbs (up by 35.3% from the year-earlier period) respectively.

The production volume (based on 100%) of cobalt in the full year 2016 was 32 million lbs, down by 8.6% from the prior year and the sales volume was 33 million lbs, down by 5.7% ditto.

The production and sales volumes of molybdenum and cobalt are as shown in the table below.
data image
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