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Price of South32's Mn Ore for China as March Shipment Cut Again
= Price of lump ore is US$5.00, and price of fine ore is US$4.85 =
South 32, a subsidiary of BHP Billiton Limited (BHPB) has recently submitted its offer price of manganese ore as March 2017 shipment meant for China to respective customers individually after cutting the price again.

The Company submitted the price for the shipment in the former half of March on February 10, but this time submitted a new price as mid-March shipment.

According to whom it may concern, the price per 1% of Mn for Mn 46% Lump ore of Australian origin (GEMCO grade) is US$5.00, down by US$0.50 from the prior one and down by US$2.00 from the final price for February shipment (US$7.00).

As to other grades, the price of Metallurgical Fine ore (Mn 49%) of Australian origin is US$4.85, down by US$0.65 from the prior one (US$5.50), and the price of South African low-grade ore (Mn 38 - 40%) is US$4.09, down by US$0.41 from the prior one (US$4.50).

As to the shipping period for this time being the middle of March, the market participants analyze the ores South32 plans to ship in March still remains unsold, and there will be another downward price revision during February or in early March.

For reference, the port stock of imported manganese ore in China is 3.3 million tons as of February 17 (only main ports), which is coming close to the level in March 2015 which was an all-time high and becomes one of the factors for the import trading firms in China to refrain from buying.
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