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OM Holdings' Production Volume in Oct-Dec
= Production volume of ferro-silicon is 32,335 tons, up by 1% from prior period =
At the end of last month, OM Holdings Limited reported its production and sales volumes of manganese ore and ferroalloys in the period from October to December in 2016 to the Australian Stock Exchange.

According to this report, the production volume of ferro-silicon in the period from October to December was 32,335 tons (material quantity), up by 0.8% from 32,068 tons in the prior period but down by 26.4% from the year-earlier period. In this period, 6 electric furnaces for ferro-silicon were operated at OM Sarawak, and the average daily production volume in the period from October to December was 55.51 tons per electric furnace which was a good operation exceeding the design capacity of 55 tons.

Besides, there was a first tapping at OM Sarawak on December 18, and 876 tons was produced by the end of December, of which 222 tons was shipped within the year 2016.

At the ferroalloy plant in Qinzhou, China, one out of two electric furnaces in shutdown situations started operation on 26th of October. 5,337 tons of high-carbon ferro-manganese was produced in the period from October to December.

On the one hand, as to the production of manganese ore, the only export volume of ores produced at Tshipi Borwa Manganese Mine in South Africa (Interest ratio: 49.9%) was reported, and the export volume in the period from October to December was 643,856 tons (material quantity), drastically up by 45.8% from 441,749 tons in the prior period and also up by 60.1% from the year-earlier period.

The mining operation at Bootu Creek mine in Australia has been suspended since December 2015, but the approval for recommencement of operation was obtained at the end of December 2016, and the preparation work to start mining has begun. The production is slated for commencement in the period from January to March in 2017.

The breakdown of production volume is as shown in Table 1 and the same of sales volume in Table 2.
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