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Tsingshan Group Plans to Build Stainless Steel Plant in N. Kalimantan
= Production scale is 2Mtpa, and ferroalloy plant also will be built on its property =
The local media in Indonesia reports Tsingshan Group, a steel producer in China plans to build a stainless steel plant with an annual production capacity of 2 million tons in Tanah Kuning Industrial Complex in the North Kalimantan (Borneo Island) and make an investment of a total of US$28 billion in the stainless steel plant including a carbon steel plant, a ferroalloy plant and a hydro power plant (Hereinafter, the production capacity is per annum).

According to the news report, the production facilities for not only stainless steel but also 10 million tons of carbon steel, 1.5 million tons of ferro-nickel (including nickel pig iron), 200,000 tons of ferro-silicon, 500,000 tons of ferro-manganese and 1 million tons of aluminium and its own hydro power plant with an output power of 7,200 MW will be built on the same property.

Besides, some of the news reports show the production facility for 1.2 million tons of ferro-chrome (including chrome pig iron) will be built on the same property.

PT Inalum, an aluminium producer in Indonesia and PT Borneo Alumindo Prima expanded their businesses to this industrial complex, and the local media also reports there is a plan three companies will build a hydro power plant with an output power of 9,000 MW on the River Kayan in the vicinity on a conjoint basis.
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