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ERAMET' Plan to Enhance Productivity of Ni Production in New Caledonia
= To achieve cost goals in 2017 and 2020=
Last week, ERAMET Group, France announced its plan to enhance 2 productivities to achieve the 2017 goal of the cash cost being US$4.50 per lb and the 2020 goal of the cash cost being US$4.10 per lb.

The Company determined the following 2 matters as a result of judging the factors for achieving the goals to be productivity and energy costs through analyzing the costs of major competitors.

(1)Enhancement of Productivity: Increase in working hours and augmentation of maintenance group.

(2)Reduction in Energy Cost: The electricity cost is the highest in the nickel industry, which are to be reduced by reviewing the efficiency of energy and the electricity rate. (This will be implemented separately from the new power plant project in New Caledonia which is supposed to start operation in 2022)
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