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Japanese Mills Raise Slightly CR Sheet Prices in Negotiations for Asia
= For January shipment =
The Japanese blast furnace mills are likely to have commenced negotiations on cold-rolled (CR) steel sheets for general use for Asia from this week for January shipment. Their prices are not disclosed but mostly, they are seen to have raised their offer prices slightly by $5-10 from those for December shipment focusing on maintaining an upward trend of prices.

In case of the Chinese market, prices of hot-rolled (HR) steel coils have repeatedly seesawed and are in a state of levelling off. While, prices of CR sheets have continued to rise even slightly. As of mid-October, the price difference between HR coils and CR sheets was the level of $60 in dollar equivalent in the Chinese market but in November, prices of CR sheets were higher by the level of $70 than those of HR coils, of which price difference is becoming more appropriate.

It is the same as in the export market. In case of HR coils, prices are said to be falling in certain areas affected by Indian products while prices of CR sheets are stabilized without areal difference. Prices of CR sheets have not reached $700 CFR but are certain to be just about coming close to that price.

The Japanese mills have welcomed a gradual increase in prices rather than reaching the level of $700 rapidly in negotiations for January shipment. They see that negotiations will be successful if prices are slightly raised.

In Japan, as demand for automobiles is strong, the balance of supply-demand of flat products including CR sheets is in a state to be tight. It is usually in February-March when demand for automobiles will peak. At that time, exports of CR sheets and so on are limited, and supply of CR sheets becomes tight.

Taiwan's CSC sets out its domestic prices soon for shipments of February-April next year. If prices of CR sheets in the Asian region improve further, they will be increasingly stabilized. Meantime, information on Korean mills is in a state not to have been heard.
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