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8 Bidders Participate in Tender on 490 t/t Rails for Indian Railways
Indian Railways invited last week an international tender on 489 thousand tons (abbreviated as t/t) of replacement rails (60kg/mm2 steel), and bidders were revealed till 26th. From Japan, only Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (NSSMC) made a bid.

Besides NSSMC from Japan, 3 bidders of ArcelorMittal, Tata Europe and Voestalpine from Europe, 1 bidder of EVRAZ from Russia, 2 bidders of Anshan Iron & Steel and Panzhihua Iron & Steel from China and 1 bidder of JSPL from India made bids. Initially, JFE Steel from Japan and Mechel from Russia were expected to participate in the tender but both companies are seen to have withdrawn from the tender considering their export capacity as supply of more than 100 t/t was specified in one of bidding conditions.

Indian Railways is seen to narrow down qualified bidders to 4 to 5 companies from 8 ones after checking qualifications of participants. A Japanese source is observing that tender result will be released by the end of March next year. In India, it is said that over pros and cons of import of rails, the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Steel are opposed to each other, and attention is paid to whether such situation will affect the tender.

Incidentally, as for a tender on the track construction to use 60 t/t of rails by Myanma Railways, 3 Japanese contractors have received orders and are now under negotiations with available steelmakers conforming to the JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) 50kg/mm2 steel. Although there are some steelmakers to be able to produce rails to the JIS, such contractors are negotiating mainly with the Japanese blast furnace mills. Meantime, both parties are likely to be pricewise opposed to each other. A source is observing that contractors will place an order or orders to Japanese mill(s) as early as within January next year.
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