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Shizuishan, China Begins to Sort out Polluting Firms
= 150 firms are intended for being sorted out, and 53 firms are to be closed or shut down =
Shizuishan in Ningxia is an area where there are lots of ferroalloy producers, and the city government embarked on a large-scale of sorting out the polluting firms and plants whose countermeasures for environments get delayed for the purpose of the environmental protection.

Since many of the plants in this city were operating without satisfying the environmental standard by abusing the past growth strategy, the city government divided 150 problem firms which were pointed out by the inspection made by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China (MEE) into 4 categories, and ordered 53 firms out of those to close down or suspend operation.

33 firms out of the remaining firms were ordered to make an improvement without electricity supply, 59 firms to make an improvement with electricity supply with a time limit and 5 firms to move with a time limit, and these orders were given to the respective firms by June 30. These 150 firms include not only the firms to produce ferroalloys, metallurgical product, cement, coke and brick but also the firms to operate mines.

For reference, the time limits for closure and suspension are by July 15, and the city government is scheduled to examine the result of the activities from November 30 and finish a series of policies by December 30.
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