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China to AD Investigate HR Stainless Steel from 4 Nations incl. Japan
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China officially announced on 23 July that it will launch an anti-dumping (AD) investigation against stainless steel semi-manufactures (slab and billet) as well as hot-rolled (HR) stainless steel (sheet and coil) imported from Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the EU. Details of the investigation are still unclear.

Those who filed an action seem to be a multiple number of Chinese mills including Taiyuan Iron & Steel ('Taiyuan'). In China, domestic stainless steel mills, especially those specialized in nickel (Ni)-base stainless steel, have been impacted by cheap Ni-base slab and hot-rolled coil (HRC) provided by PT Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel (ITSS). An Indonesian subsidiary of Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel of China, ITSS has supplied the domestic market, particularly those under its parent company, with cheap products. Amid falling domestic prices of Ni-base products, an increasing number of Chinese mills have been withdrawing from the Ni-base steel market. Under these circumstances, there have been rumors going around since early this year that Taiyuan may file an AD suit against ITSS.

Now the rumor has come true, and this may intensify the situations around AD suits on stainless steel. Having been sued, South Korea now is highly likely to bring a case against China and Indonesia. Some sources also say that Thailand may file an AD suit against Malaysia. Taiwan has already brought an action against China and South Korea. The AD battles over stainless steel among Asian nations are intensifying. Even in Japan, which is seeing inflows of South Korean stainless steel constantly increasing, there are some signs of activities to prepare for a suit.

The subject of this investigation is the exports of HR stainless steel to China. Japan is exporting 50-100 tons of semi-manufactures and 15,000 tons of HRC to China per month, specifically to Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel. The supply of raw materials from Japan is in a small quantity due to low competitiveness, and it is now on the verge of cessation. If this happens, De Sheng Stainless Steel, a mill run by Baosteel, may supersede Japan as a supplier.
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