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Taipower's Plans on LNG-Fired Power Unit, LNG Receiving Terminal
= To add 15.68 mil kW capacity, construct terminals in Taichung, Hsieh-Ho =
Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) is planning construction of new LNG-fired power generation plants and LNG receiving terminals. Amid expectations of growth of electricity demand, the country, which plans to close three existing nuclear power plants, intends to build new LNG-fired, coal-fired and hydroelectric power plants and use renewable energy to meet the future demand — it will build LNG receiving terminals in Taichung, middle Taiwan and Hsieh-Ho, the north side of the country.

According to its long-term power development plan, the three nuclear power plants are planned to be phased out by 2025. Along with this, the Company proceeds with construction of LNG-fired, Coal-fired plants — the capacity of LNG-fired generation is forecast to rise to 26.662 million kW by 2028 from 15.245 million kW in 2016.

The planned new LNG-fired plants are the Tongxiao plant with a capacity of 4.879 million kW, Tatan plant with 3 million kW, Xingda plant with 3.9 million kW, Taichung with 2.6 million kW, and Hsieh-Ho with 1.3 million kW. With the five plants, a capacity of 15.679 million kW will be added.

Meanwhile, a total of 4.262 million kW LNG-fired capacity will be cut and new construction plans of the Tatan No. 10 unit (0.756 million kW) and the Gaoyuan plant (1.2 million kW) have been cancelled. Many of other new construction projects are, on the other hand, ahead of schedule.

In Taichung and Hsieh-Ho, LNG receiving plants will also be built as well as power units. In Taichung, three 160,000-cubic-meter storage tanks will be built nearby CPC-operated Taichung LNG Terminal. The three tanks will be completed by 2024-2025, when the No.1/No. 2 LNG-fired units are expected to start operations, and another two tanks will be added in response to updates of existing power generation facilities.

In Hsieh-Ho, No. 1 and No. 2 units will be launched in July 2025 and July 2030 respectively. Prior to these, an FSRU-based receiving terminal will be constructed. The plant also plans construction of an onshore receiving terminal, which will be constructed in 2032, and after the completion, LNG receiving will be switched to the onshore terminal. The terminal plans to transact 1.8 mtpa of LNG.
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