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Ni SUS Scrap Price in December Starts with JPY110,000
= Price continues dropping due to feelings of products remaining unsold in domestic market =
As of December 3, the stainless steel mills in the Kanto area purchase nickel-containing stainless steel scraps (SABOT) at around JPY110,000 per ton (delivered at plant).

There are strong feelings of the products remaining unsold in the market throughout the nation because not only do many of stainless steel mills curb the purchase volume as is the case in October to November, but major pickup traders for export also stop purchasing until December 15.

For this reason, the stainless steel mills in the Kanto area have lowered the price since the beginning of December, and the stainless steel mills in the areas other than Kanto also have shown the trend in implementing a price cut during this week.

As semifinished products exported from the stainless steel plant of Tsingshan Iron & Steel, Indonesia went up, a big change occurs in the demand for stainless steel scrap, and it becomes imperative to redesign the supply and demand map.
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