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Chongqing City, China Gives 9 Mn Mines Order to Suspend Operation
= Suspension of offering EMM is prevailing because EMM price is feared to get rebounded =
On December 3, Chongqing City, China gave 9 manganese mine operators an order to suspend operation immediately. The Government of Chongqing City this time gave 9 companies among the manganese mines an order to suspend operation immediately and organize the mine for such reasons as (1) Many accidents occur at mines in Xiushan County (except coal mines), (2) Many mines have a problem as to the safety and (3) Result of investigation shows that multiple manganese mines are producing excessively.

The time limit to suspend production is December 31, but if the mine is inspected by the Xiushan County Administration of land and house, the Administration of Safety and other related departments after the mine is organized and passes the inspection, the production can restarted.

Most of manganese ores produced in this region are manganese carbonate ore meant for electrolytic manganese metal (EMM), and Chongqing City is a main production area for EMM ranking 5th in the domestic production.

The price of EMM showed a declining trend in the middle of November, but stops declining at the moment, and has a growing likelihood of rebounding from now onward. Multiple producers among the producers suspended offering within yesterday since they had some anxiety about a massive increase in the price.
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