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Price of EMM in China Continues Rising
The current main price of electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) meant for domestic consumption as of December 12 is CNY13,600 - CNY13,800 per ton, up by CNY1,100 to CNY1,200 from the end of last month, and the export FOB price is US$1,980 to US$2,000, up by US$160 to US$170 ditto.

The market participants see this is a panic buying resulted from the forecast the supply will decrease, and some of them forecast the price rising momentum will be stalled in a short period for such reasons as (1) Actual demand is still weak, (2) Producers in Hunan and Guizhou are ramping up production taking advantage of a price hike and (3) There will be a lull in purchasing activity after finishing procuring the cargoes for export in December.
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