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Singapore LNG Inviting EOI for New LNG Storage Tank
= Considering a 18-26-m3 tank aimed at strengthening capacity as hub terminal =
Singapore LNG (SLNG) commenced inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) for construction of new LNG tank. The Company, planning to build the fifth storage tank in its LNG terminal in Jurong Island, is aiming to, by increasing transaction volume, enhance the terminal's capacity of storage and reshipment etc. as hub terminal.

SLNG intends to lease the new tank expected to have a capacity of 180,000 cubic meters or 260,000 cubic meters to long-term users that could use it for 15 years or more. It plans to widely invite EOI with no restriction first, then narrow participants, and invite requests for proposal.

The LNG terminal in Jurong Island launched in 2013 is the first LNG import terminal in Singapore, which has a storage capacity of 800,000 cubic meters through four tanks (three 160,000-cubic-meter tanks, one 260,000-cubic-meter tank) and an LNG transaction capacity of 9 million mt a year.

The terminal had been used as import terminal in the initial phase, but as tanks are added, it has become able to meet various demand by taking new services such as cool-down service for newbuildings and LNG vessels that needs to be cooled at dock, reload service that reships LNG from the storage tanks, and onshore-facility-based ship-to-ship operation etc.

SLNG intends, through the fifth tank, not only to supply these services but also to respond to new requests -- fuel bunkering expected to grow in demand etc. -- if they are worth doing as LNG hub terminal.

The EOI is accepted by February 28th, 2019 and commercial operation of the tank is planned in 2022-2023.

International trading firm Trafigura signed this June the second terminal utilization deal for the terminal following the first deal in 2015. Under the deal, the Company has used the terminal's storage capacity of 160,000 cubic meters over 24 months so far.
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