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Price of EMM in China Continues Dropping
The current main price of electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) meant for domestic consumption as of December 19 is CNY12,900 - CNY13,100 per ton, down by CNY700 from the end of last week, and the export FOB price is US$1,870 to US$1,890, down by US$110 ditto. It is near at hand that the price will come back to the same level as the end of November.

As to the production within China, albeit the trend to increase production is prevailing in Guizhou, the production curtailment is seen this week in Ningxia, and the total production volume is slightly down from the end of last month. The production increase in Guizhou results from the increased operating rate of the producers in Songtao County, and the production curtailment in Ningxia is thought to be because the major producer carried out switchover to improve the production line.
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