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Indonesia's Export of Stainless Steel Semi-products in September 2018
= Ingot is 53,000 tons and flat roll is 131,000 tons =
Indonesia's foreign trade statistics shows the export volume of stainless steel semi-products in September 2018 was 52,790 tons of ingot (slab), down by 12.0% from the prior month, and 130,674 tons of flat roll (width: more than 600 mm), drastically up by 30.1% ditto.

As to the cumulative total in the period from January to September, ingot was 460,000 tons, up by 3.1 times as much as the year-earlier period, and flat roll was 966,000 tons, up by 9.9 times as much as the year-earlier period. In Indonesia, Tsingshan Holding Group started shipping products from its stainless steel plant from July 2017, and the shipment of both ingot and flat roll was drastically up from the year-earlier period.

The export details of ingot are as shown in Table 1 and those of flat roll in Table 2 respectively.
data image
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