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Contract of HMS for Turkey Rebounds by US$ 30 from Its Bottom Price
The Western ferrous scrap market for Turkey kept upward trend continuously. According to the overseas traders, the new contract price from U.S. EC for Turkish electric steelmaker for the mix of 80% No1 HMS/20% No2 HMS or the 80/20 HMS mix increased to around US$ 310.00/ton CFR, up by more than US$ 8 from a week ago. It was reported that 30,000 tons level of bulk cargo contract was concluded.

It was reported that another cargo from U.S. EC for Turkish electric steelmaker for the 80/20 HMS mix was concluded at around US$ 310.00/ton CFR, which was the same price as the above-mentioned contract. The contract price of U.S. ferrous scrap for Turkey already rebounded by US$ 30 from the recent lowest price.

In addition to this, the new contract price of Baltic Sea bulk cargo for the 80/20 HMS mix slightly and continuously increased to US$ 305 to 306 CFR, and it kept upward trend continuously.
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