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Ni SUS Scrap Price in Early February JPY105,000 to JPY110,000
= Hike in export price also affects price for domestic consumption =
As of February 8, the stainless steel mills in the Kanto area purchase nickel-containing stainless steel scraps (SABOT) at JPY105,000 to JPY110,000 per ton (delivered at plant).

The price showed a tapering down trend in January, but the stainless steel mills in the Kanto area also raised the purchase price when the export price turned upward since entering February. Accordingly, the price was brought up to the same level as the one in the Central area which did not lower the price in the latter half of January.

The price of SABOT continued to show a tapering down trend last year, but turned upward for such reasons as (1) Export volume to South Korea which showed a declining trend is making a recovery, (2) Export volumes to India and Thailand show a rising trend, (3) LME nickel price rebounded from the beginning of January and (4) Nickel price comes close to US$13,000.

In the last year, since the stainless steel mill in Taiwan increased the purchase volume of stainless semi-products (slab and flat roll) and the major stainless steel mill in South Korea increased the used amount of Indonesian nickel scrap, the export volume of SABOT came down to a large extent. However, according to the latest information, it is told that the major stainless steel mill in South Korea saw variation in quality which occurred in the products as a problem and decreased the used amount of nickel scrap.
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