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South32 Offers Manganese Ore as March Shipment at Slightly Lowered Price
= Price of lump ore is US$6.72 and Comilog, etc. raise price =
According to the local news report in China, South32, a subsidiary of BHP Billiton Limited (BHPB) offered manganese ore as March 2019 shipment meant for China at a lowered price last week. (Hereinafter, the price is per dmtu per 1% of Mn)

The price of Australian manganese ore lump with Mn being 46% (GEMCO grade) is US$6.72 (down by US$0.09 from February shipment), but the contract at this price doesn't seem to be made.

According to the market participants, South32 lowered the price for February shipment gradually from US$6.81 during January, and the lowest price was down to the almost the same level as US$6.72 offered this time.

On the one hand, Eramet Comilog offered Gabonese manganese lump ore with Mn being 45% at US$6.65 (up by US$0.15 from February shipment) last week. Tshipi Mine in South Africa offered manganese lump ore with Mn being 37% at US$6.05 (up by US$0.30 ditto), and United Manganese Karahari (UMK) offered manganese lump ore with Mn being 38% at US$6.25 (up by US$0.55 ditto).

Taking advantage of the fact that Nsuta manganese mine (GMC) was ordered to cease operation at the beginning of February, many of the manganese mines take a stance to lower the offer price.
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