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S. African Charge Cr Price for Europe in Apr-Jun Up by Cents 8
On March 19, Merafe Resources Ltd., South Africa, a joint venture partner for Glencore-Merafe Chrome Venture announced in its own home page that the benchmark price of South African charge chrome for the period from April to June in 2019 meant for Europe was fixed at US Cents 120.0 per lb. This price is up by US Cents 8 (7.1%) from the prior period.

In the price negotiation made this time, whereas the supply volume has a likelihood of coming down due to aggravated electricity supply in South Africa as well as a 13.82% increase in the electricity rate from April, the customers which became wary of a strong likelihood of an anticipation of a price hike because of the strong worldwide demand for ferro-chrome and the rising price in China have a likelihood of having wasted little time in accepting a request to raise the price.

For reference, the transition of recent benchmark prices for Europe was <> January to March in 2018: Cents 118 (down by Cents 21 ditto), <> April to June: Cents 142 (up by Cents 24 ditto), <> July to September: Cents 138 (down by Cents 4 ditto), <> October to December: Cents 124 (down by Cents 14 ditto), <> January to March in 2019: Cents 112 (down by Cents 12 ditto) and <> April to June: Cents 120 (up by Cents 8 ditto).
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