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MCC Announces Review on Expansion of Ramu Nickel Mine
= Appeal is made in local newspaper for profit for local area =
Last week, Mr. Wang Baowen, Vice President of Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited (MCC) operating Ramu nickel cobalt mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG) announced its intention to re-examine the expansion plan for this mine.

MCC announced its expansion plan with a scale of 5 billion PGK (about US$1.5 billion) last November, but the interested parties such as landowners, local residents, PNG Government, Province Government and Local Government submitted many adverse comments.

For this reason, MCC seems to have judged the review of the plan will be necessary in light of the cost for the expansion plan becoming bigger than expected and for the purpose of avoiding stimulating the local residents which are opposing against operating this mine.

As far as this expansion plan is concerned, the difference in the opinions between MCC and local residents has become a big problem, and PNG's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill expressed this February that no agreement can not be made until the fair profits for the citizen and the nation become convinced, and asked MMC for resolution of the problem with the local residents.

On the one hand, MCC posted such actual achievements in the local newspaper dated March 25 as the Company is the first Chinese firm that expanded its business to the mining industry in PNG, has made a big amount of investment since participating in 2004 and has continued operation even when the Company incurred a loss, and made such an appeal as the continuing operation of the mine will contribute to the profit for the nation and the local area. Besides, MCC also mentioned that MCC has an intention to discuss with all the interested parties and revise the contents of the contracts.
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