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Price of HC FeCr in China Gets Confused and Drops in Some Area
= Demand for stainless steel mills is weak =
The price of high-carbon ferro-chrome in the Chinese domestic market has stopped rising since entering April, and stopped moving due to an unclear direction in the market, but a price drop was sporadically seen in some area at the end of last week, and the market price has got confused slightly.

As to the current price, while the price of Inner Mongolian product per ton maintains a price in the range of CNY7,300 to CNY7,500, the price in the range of CNY7,050 to CNY7,250 is also sporadically seen in the southern area.

The market participants provide such reasons for the above as (1) Demand for stainless steel mills in China is slightly weak, (2) Production of ferro-chrome in Inner Mongolia during April to May will come down due to the maintenance of the electric transmission company, (3) Ferroalloy producers in the southern area are increasing production of high-carbon ferro-chrome and (4) Price of ferro-chrome which rose in the former half of March dropped.

The rainy season has come in the southern area, and the ferroalloy producers which expect the application of a cheap electricity for a full-water season will start have raised an operating rate. For this reason, some of the producers which worry about a price collapse due to increased supply volume in the future seem to have started to sell at a cheap price in a bid to sell at a profit at an early point.
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