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Special Steel Demand Forecast in Jul-Sept 2019
= Remains almost unchanged from year-earlier period =
On July 9, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry made clear its demand forecast about special steel products in the period from July to September in 2019 in the lecture made in the Special Steel Association of JAPAN.

According to this, the demand (based on respective monthly average) for special steel products in the period from July to September is <> For domestic consumption: 1.1847 million tons, <> For export: 487,200 tons and <> Total: 1.6719 million tons. Comparison with the result expected in the prior period (April to June) is <> Domestic consumption: up by 1.2%, <> Export: up by 4.5% and <> Total: up by 0.8%.

On the one hand, comparison with the year-earlier period is <> Domestic consumption: up by 0.3%, <> Export: down by 0.5% and <> Total: almost unchanged.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry expects the demands to be up from the prior period as well as the year-earlier period thanks to a strong demand for cars in addition to a gradual recovery in the domestic demand. The export is seen to be a bit weak because whereas there was a resumed demand for facility investments, the unclear factors in the overseas economy and a gradual slowdown in the Chinese economy gave an impact.

For reference, such matters continue to be focused on as (1) Steel product inventory continues to exceed the appropriate level, (2) Increased import makes the demand for stainless steel meant for domestic consumption decrease and (3) Protectionist duties which are accelerated in the overseas countries.

The demand forecast by steel type is as shown in the table below.
data image
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