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Ni SUS Scrap Price in Early September JPY120,000 to JPY125,000
= Increase in purchase price meant for export is followed by domestic maker =
As of September 4, the stainless steel mills in the Kanto area purchase nickel-containing stainless steel scraps (SABOT) at JPY120,000 to JPY125,000 per ton (delivered at plant). (Hereinafter, the price is per ton)

The pickup trader for export raised the purchase price of stainless steel scrap in a step-by-step manner during August against a background of continuously rising LME nickel price and decreased generation volume of SABOT, for which the stainless steel mills within Japan are not positive in purchasing because the production curtailment will continue during September and the stainless steel mills are reducing their in-hand stocks toward the settlement of accounts at the end of September, but has raised the purchase price following the price increase made by the pickup trader for export.
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