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JERA Considering New LNG-Fired Power Plants, Chita Units 7 & 8
= To replace existing Units 1-5 =
Japan's JERA started a discussion on two new LNG-fired units construction in Chita, Aichi Prefecture. The company is considering to replace the first five of six units in the Chita power plant with the new Units 7 and 8 each with a capacity of 600 MW. It will judge whether to newly build them in light of future supply-demand balance and business circumstances. If the company gives the green light, they will advance the project to commence operations in FY2021 (ending March 2022).

JERA submitted the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, Japan (OCCTO) a plan to close the Chita Units 1-4 in FY2021 and Unit 5 in FY2026 respectively. The first four LNG-fired units constructed between 1966 and 1974 have capacities of 500-700 MW and the fifth unit with a capacity of 854 MW commenced operation in 1978. JERA has taken Units 1-4 off-stream for a long time.

JERA is advancing the replacement of old power plants taken over from its parent companies TEPCO F&P and Chubu Electric Power.

If the new plant project in Chita is realized, the plant's capacity is expected to be 2,054 MW — the two new 600 MW units and an existing 854 MW Unit 6 — which is lower than the current 3,966 MW but competitiveness including efficiency will be improved.
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