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Japan's Oct LNG Imports from Atlantic Area Range $5-11s
= 12 cargoes imported from US, Equatorial Guinea etc. =
According to a preliminary trade statistics report released by the Ministry of Finance on 28th, Japan's LNG imports from Atlantic Ocean area ranged US$5-10s per MMBtu. A total of 790,000 mt were imported from four countries, the US, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, and Peru in the month, which averaged at $8.89, up by $0.89 from last month.

Nine cargoes equivalent to 591,000 mt were imported from the US, of which three cargoes -- two from the Cameron, one from the Sabine Pass terminals -- were delivered to Futtsu in Tokyo Bay, which averaged at mid-$9, and one apparently from the Cove Point terminal arrived at Kawasaki with an average of mid-$9.

Two cargoes to Yokohama apparently from the Cove Point and the Corpus Christi averaged at mid-$7, and one cargo, whose source was not revealed, arrived at Tobata in Fukuoka, averaging at mid-$5. The remaining two US cargo were delivered to Himeji and Sakai, averaging at upper-$8 and mid-$9 respectively. The share of the US LNG rose to 9.4%.

Each one cargo from Peru and Nigeria was delivered to Naoetsu in Niigata, averaging at upper-$7 and around $10 respectively. The first Equatorial Guinean cargo since April 2018 was delivered to Kawasaki with an average of low-$9.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan's spot LNG imports from all areas in the month averaged at $5.5/MMBtu.

Japan's total LNG import volume including long-term contracts with Australia, Qatar, and Malaysia etc. were 6.3 million mt in October, averaging at $9.39.
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