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    About Us

    Company Name

    The TEX Report,Ltd.

    President HiroyasuAmano(Mr.)

    Date of Establishment

    June 1, 1967


    5th Floor,
    ELEVAGE Kandanishikicho,
    3-16-11 Kanda-nishikicho,
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054,
    TEL : 81-3-3233-0811
    FAX : 81-3-3293-5289

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    Company Information

    It has passed 37 years since The Tex Report Ltd. inaugurated in June of 1967.
    In the course of this period, we have watched the developments of the steel, resources and energy industries in Japan.
    Under the motto of "quickness, correctness and fairness" , we have been searching for a new horizon of these industries, which are being swung by the waves of changes with an ever unseen speed.

    Daily Newspapers

    The TEX Report is the only English daily newspaper published in Japan, reporting on various news arising in each sector of raw materials for steel production, trade of steel products, resources and energy.

    We publish daily " The TEX Report " and " TEX Energy Report " , and our subscribers are the enterprises concerned with steel, resources, energy, trade, marine transportation and finance, which are located in more than 60 countries of the world.

    Also, in order to comply with a strong request from our subscribers in far distant places, we have already started the transmission of our daily publications through e-mail, which furnishes these subscribers with the quickest service.


    The Tex Report Ltd. also publishes three yearbooks of " Iron Ore Manual " , " Coal Manual " and " Ferro Alloy Manual " .

    In particular, " Iron Ore Manual " and " Coal Manual " have been published for 39 years since our establishment, and these manuals are useful for you to trace the changes of raw materials for steel production, which the steel industry of Japan have experienced after the World War II.

    Main Subscribers and Customers

    Governmental Organizations,

    International Organizations and Institutes, Banks, Securities,

    Trading Firms and Shipping Companies, Electric Power Corporations,

    Iron Ore Mining, Coal Mining and Oil and Gas Companies,

    Steel Mills and Ferro Alloy Producers, Chemical Companies.

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